A word from the General Manager

Because of the arrival of many small scale manufacturers and traders of cast iron water supply fittings and valves in the market, the standard and quality of these items has gone down to a considerable extent. These new traders and manufacturers don’t care about the quality and standards, the result:- i.e., the cast iron fittings becoming lighter and lighter, day by day, valves are so light weight that their weight is not even half of the actual weights of B.S.S. and other standards. The concept of pressure testing the valves has almost diminished. As a result so many problems are occurring at the sites, i.e. the leakage of C.I. fittings, leakage of valves after installation in the lines, the bursting of pipes because of no release of air because of the use of sub-standard air relief valves. One more reason for the bursting of pipes is the non installation of surge relief values or safety valves, although the requirement is of at least on surge relief value in every water supply line.

Considering all these factors, and being the oldest manufacturers of water supply products and the one who are still maintaining the highest quality standards we have developed this website that contains standard modern weights of cast iron water supply fittings and exact dimensions, weights pressure ratings, standard material of which a valve should consist of. Our cast iron fittings and valves are fully in accordance with the given dimensions exactly as per B.S.S. standards. We test our valves at the double pressure of the existing working pressure.

Shuaib Mohi-ud-Din Ahmad Faridi
General Manager

Mian Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din (Late)

The Founder

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad

Chief Executive